1st Anniversary of the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace Australia

Emeritus Mayor Le Lam
former Mayor of Auburn City Council NSW Australia

As we welcome the Spring season in Sydney, CPFWP Australia held the first anniversary of its launch on Sunday, 25 Oct 2020 at the above venue. The program was graced by the attendance of former mayor of Auburn, Emeritus Mayor Le Lam along with community leaders such as Sammy Lee (Counselor, Teacher & Speaker), Sir Lucas Woo (Ambassador for Peace), Phil Chau (Member of Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW Inc), and Pablo Barreto (Instructor of Chinese Kungfu). They were joined by enthusiastic youth and university students. 


Prof. Thomas Hwang, as the International Chairman, delivered a congratulatory message through recorded video. This was followed by a message from Oceania Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Chairman, Mr. Yutaka Yamada. An anniversary cake was prepared for the special occasion to celebrate the 1st anniversary. Mr. John Adamedes, 

President of UPF Australia and Mr. Soon Teck Lim, President of CPFWP Australia, joined the cake cutting ceremony. Despite the COVID’s restrictions, a number of these leaders made the commitment to gather together under the theme, “Contribution of Chinese Family & Community towards Nation Building.” They presented and shared their views on this theme as well as introducing themselves. 

During the discussion, a commitment was made to prepare for the upcoming “Filial Piety Festival” which is slated to take place early next year in the Summer season. 

Group Photo

The purpose of the festival is to promote and foster the core family value of filial piety or honouring one’s parents as the foundation to build happy and harmonious family and society.  Throughout the program, the atmosphere was warm and heart-felt. The exchange of ideas helped us to understand the passion and experiences of the participants. It helped to start building teamwork among us. The gathering ended with the serving of several Chinese dishes.