A good start in London

A token of appreciation was given to VIPs

After celebrating a new year in 2020, the Chinese People’s Federation of World Peace-Europe was launched on January 12, 2020The host starts with a warm welcome at Livingstone house located at Lancaster Gate in the evening. The program begins with Easy Taichi (太極) exercises with all the participants guided by the Regional President of CPFWP-Europe, Mr. Wang Zhijun. Congratulatory remarks were offered by Dr. Micheal Balcomb, Regional Chair, FFWPU Europe & Middle East.

Later on, Prof. Thomas Hwang, international president of CPFWP, further outlined the purpose and goals of the organization and some of its international activities. Mr. Lee Ker-shung, president for Asia-Pacific, detailed recent events in that region, and Ms. Yang Su-Yu share her report on the filial piety essay competition and awards ceremony for American Chinese which happen last year in October.

Ms. Eve Lau, the International Secretary-General gave a stunning report on the annual filial piety essay competition and awards ceremony for middle and high school students in Hong Kong. A token of appreciation was given to distinguished guests for giving support in future activities in CPFWP-Europe.

A congratulatory song was performed by a lady singer while everyone enjoyed delicious Chinese cuisine after the event.

Congratulatory songs
A sweet singer sing for the raise of peace