Australian Celebration of Chinese Culture

The Australian launch of the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace was held at the Embassy Conference Centre in Sydney on October 26, 2019. A multicultural group of around 100 people gathered to learn about and celebrate Chinese culture. 

In his welcoming remarks John Adamedes, president of UPF Australia, gave a presentation about Chinese traditions and values in the context of Western culture. He pointed out that, while loving families are a universal ideal, Chinese people around the world, past and present, have been exemplary in maintaining close family relationships and preserving family morals. 

Mr. Sammy Way Loong Lee
received a Chinese water painting as a token of appreciation

Mr. Sammy Way Loong Lee gave a humorous presentation about Chinese characters, explaining how they are composed and giving advice on how to learn them. He shared an entertaining tale of his own travails as a student, and later a teacher, of Chinese.

International Secretariat Director Ms. Eve Lau gave a report about CPFWP activities worldwide, and Dr. David Chuang of Beijing gave a detailed report of China’s current efforts to revive and spread traditional Chinese culture and values both within and beyond the country’s borders.

The speeches were interspersed with performances, including an amazing demonstration of Chinese martial arts by an Australian master and his apprentice from the Praying Mantis Kungfu Academy. A multicultural youth choir performed a beautiful rendition of Chinese songs, reflecting the sincere effort they had put into learning them.

The program concluded with a lively dragon dance, accompanied by traditional drums and cymbals, to announce the official launch of CPFWP. A delicious multi-course Chinese lunch followed.

Chinese Song Performance
a group of youth sings a Chinese song that touches the heart of the audience

A delegation from the Sydney Tian Tao Association was in attendance, including Secretary General Han Hui Guoh and several members of his family. The audience also included a number of Chinese students from universities in Sydney, who were delighted to see Western friends’ appreciation of their culture, and to share a Chinese meal with them.