Chinese Ceremony with Indonesian Elegance

The beautiful Borobudur Hotel in the heart of Jakarta was the setting for the launch of the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace in Indonesia. The evening banquet took place on November3, 2019, in a hall located in the hotel’s lush garden. About 150 people attended.

Welcoming remarks were given by Mr. Alfred Forno, UPF president and co-sponsor of the event, followed by a video presentation about CPFWP.  Maha Pandita Suhadi Sendjaja, Chairman of the Parisada Buddha Dharma Niciren Syosyu Indonesia, gave warm and enthusiastic congratulatory remarks.

Mr. Yasril Ananta Baharuddin
invited as a distinguished guest gave a congratulatory remarks

CPFWP-Indonesia Opening Ceremony 
all the VIPs were invited to hit the traditional Chinese gong 

Mr. Yasril Ananta Baharuddin, chair of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace – Indonesia, expressed his appreciation that CPFWP is promoting Chinese culture in multicultural settings, especially family values, which are in fact universal values.

Prof. Thomas Hwang, international chairman of CPFWP, gave an inspirational inaugural speech, followed by story sharing from international delegates Ms. Eve Lau and Dr. David Chuang.

An outstanding performance, including well-known Chinese songs, was offered by the musical group Gita Pundarika Angklung, playing traditional Indonesian instruments. The delicious multi-course Chinese meal was accompanied by an array of songs by a charming young duo called Ponponkris.

Distinguished guests in attendance included Mr. Lie Suprijadi, board member of the Confucius Tradition Supreme Council; Mr. Liem Wira Wijaya, chairman of the Central Board of Buddhist People’s Representatives, Jakarta; and Mr. Rudi Gunawijaya, chairman of the Indonesian-Chinese Association Banten.