CPFWP 2nd Chinese World Assembly Kick Off Ceremony

PENANG – Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace (CPFWP) is an international organization with the purpose of promoting world peace with the participation of global Chinese. The first World Chinese Assembly was held in Taiwan on November 22, 2019. One year later, the 2nd World Chinese Assembly Kick Off Ceremony was held at Hotel Royal in Penang, Malaysia. 50 attendees who strictly adhered to the SOPs at the hotel, together with about 500 guests from local and all over the world, participated through online ZOOM meeting application adapting to the new normal. The theme of this assembly is “The Values of Chinese Traditional Culture in Changing Times”, based on the traditional Chinese cultural concept of “Respect for Heaven, Humanity and Harmony in Family” to promote the vision of world peace.

ZOOM online event
500 guests from all over the world participated online

The Assembly invited outstanding Chinese representatives and Chinese culture lovers from all over the world from all walks of life. YB Soon Lip Chee, Penang State Youth and Sports Executive Councillor representing Penang Chief Minister, Dato’ Law Choo Kiang, Speaker of Penang State Legislative Assembly, Emeritus Mayor Le Lam, former mayor of Auburn City Council in Australia and Hon. Eddie Ng Hak Kim, Former Secretary for Education, Hong Kong SAR, delivered speeches. 


The organizing chairman and also the President of Pertubuhan Nilai-Nilai Murni Untuk Keamanan Sejagat (PNM), Mr. Ng Shu Lin (Nick) said, the association has the core values of filial piety, respect for the elderly and harmony in the family leads to prosperity in all undertakings. PNM had conducted a few community service projects after its establishment since last year, including the Penang Seniors Digital Resource Centre for senior citizens and Peace Children Care Centre for children in need of basic nurture and care. He hopes that through this kick-off ceremony, a way can be prepared for the second Chinese World Assembly next year, when the world is recovered from the pandemic.

Dato’ Cheah Swee Huat, YB Soon Lip Chee,
YB Dato’ Law Choo Kiang and Mr. Ng Shu Lin
presided over the opening ceremony of the CPFWP

In addition, YB Soon Lip Chee, in his opening remarks, saying since the outbreak of the pandemic in March this year, the lives of the people have been affected. However, at this moment, people of all ethnic groups overcome difficulties together, and it also reflects and demonstrates the Chinese traditional virtues, “Unity is strength.” Therefore, he said that no matter what, the Chinese should retain, develop and inherit the great traditional culture.

YB Soon Lip Chee, Penang State Executive Councillor
made an appearance and spoke to the attendees.

“It is not easy for young people to get in touch with ancient Chinese classics, and it is also an important task that many scholars want to embark on.” YB Dato’ Law Choo Kiang also pointed out in his keynote speech. He said that the global situation of the pandemic is severe, and many countries are facing internal turbulence, and the world economy is projected to shrink. However, he said that he is gratified that everyone can still work tirelessly together to establish world peace. 

Mr. Lee Ker-shung, the Regional President of CPFWP Asia Pacific also introduced “The Chinese Peace Prize” in the conference. This award is to recognise the Chinese who have contributed to peace in various fields, and to encourage more Chinese to uphold the Chinese culture inherited from their ancestors and contribute greater effort to peace. Prof. Chen Chia-ming, Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese Literature of National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan, also gave a plenary presentation on “The Way of Creation”, which emphasize the principles and practical way of self-cultivation, harmony in family, good governance and bring peace to all. 

The kick-off ceremony ended perfectly with the reports on the activities in various countries.