Filial Piety Forum & Award Ceremony

Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace (CPFWP) – USA is committed to the promotion of filial piety and traditional family ethics. To celebrate Parents’ Day and offer filial piety to Parents and Elders, we have this writing contest and award ceremony to promote family ethics and achieve world peace.

A writing letter contest is open up to all Americans with the topic “Story with my Parents”. With no limit on writing styles but should the story be authentic, attract many young and old contestants to join. The award will be given out to two excellent awardees for $300 each, and three Honorable Mention Awardees for $200 each.

Rev. Dr. Peter Chao, Chairman of CPFWP-USA
speaks with the topic “Home Sweet Home”

The award ceremony took place in Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal Senior Center in New York City. On the 7th of Sep, 2019, the event begins with a trumpet solo by Mr. Andrew Miyamoto, and the president of CPFWP-USA gives welcoming remarks to congratulate all the winners of the contest. 

Mrs. Amy Yang shared about filial piety culture not only respect to Parents but also give thanks to heaven. Chairman of CPFWP-USA, Rev. Dr. Peter Chao also emphasized in his speech, saying that children are the most precious assets God has given to us.

The President of Twelve gates foundation and Director of Professors World Peace, Dr. Frank Kaufman gave a speech on the topic of “The culture of filial piety and world peace”. Later on, a group of senior citizens performed harmonica songs to congratulate the success of the event.

During the award ceremony, everyone was happy for the awardees and was touched by their letter written to their parents. One of the stories shared by the first prize winner, Mrs. Hui-Ling W. Mao, with the title “I miss, I remembered!”, gives a glimpse of the life of Mao’s parents.

Another first-prize essay read by Mrs. Gao Fu Zhen, describing her life with her mother with the title “I rolled noodles for my mother” move the audience. Later, The Chinese musical performance plays Erhu with two singers shows the beauty of Chinese Musical culture.

Elder couples toast for love
in Chinese tradition, drinking a tiny cup of wine (交杯酒) symbolizes that couples will be together forever (長長久久).

All the participants especially the couples rejoiced with the toast of love for promoting a happy family to society by inheriting filial piety culture. After the amazing Chinese cultural dance performance, an exciting lucky draw activity was announced for the lucky winner. At the end of the day, everyone enjoys delicious homemade desserts.