International Hyojeong Webinar 2021: Filial Piety in Nation-Building

Following the last filial piety event, the audience is overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation for the next filial piety event.  Hence, CPFWP-Indonesia decides to hold another filial piety contest to the public, with the topic of “Filial Piety in Nation-Building”. On the 4th of December, 2021, a virtual event held in Jakarta HQ, Indonesia, announced the winner for the contest and was live streaming internationally.

2021 CPFWP Hyojeong Competition Awardees
A group photo was taken with the organizer

A warm welcome by the MC, Ms. Anita Lestari, the chairman of the advisory board of CPFWP Indonesia, Mr. Alfred R, Forno congratulates all the awardees who won the filial piety contest. It is happy to know young people love practicing filial heart to their parents and is good to spread the culture to younger generations. Just like the President of CPFWP Asia Pacific, Rev. Lee Ker Shung said, to overcome social and family problems happening in today’s world, the best way to establish morality and social order are to promote a culture of filial piety.

Ws. Dra. Tan Minggayani, as a Confucian liturgy describes religion plays an important role in guiding humankind to become a person of noble character(君子). God created man with a true character who is essentially good and contains the seeds of virtue: love, truth, morality, and wisdom. 

Later, all the audiences was amaze by the various stunning Chinese cultural performances such as Chinese martial arts dance, kung-fu with fans, and dragon dance performance.

Chinese cultural performance