New York Inaugural Ceremony

The CPFWP-USA inaugural event took place on November 11, 2018, at the Sheraton Hotel in New York. About 120 people attended this event, which included speakers from several nations, performances from a local Chinese troupe, and an evening banquet.

Our guests included community and religious leaders, CPFWP leaders from Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and a former foreign minister and UN ambassador. Many participants, including Chinese and Americans, were inspired by the content, especially the focus on filial piety and ideal families.

Mrs. Amy Yang, the President of Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace-USA, gave the welcoming remarks. She expressed the desire to uphold the spirit of Chinese traditional virtues, especially family values and filial piety. She also mentioned that making a world of peace starts within the family.

Former foreign Minister of Nigeria, Prof. U. Joy Ogwu
A group photo with Prof. Joy Ogwu and members of CPFWP

Rev. Dr. Peter Chao, minister of the Presbyterian Church of USA, offered congratulatory remarks. He emphasized the words ‘faith, hope and love’—faith in the concept of ‘Respecting Heaven and Loving Humanity,’ hope in making our dreams come true, and love in our families, which leads to true happiness.

Former foreign minister of Nigeria, Prof. U. Joy Ogwu, congratulated us on the founding of CPFWP-USA. She talked about her positive experiences working with China and Chinese people during her tenure as foreign minister. She said she truly believes that Chinese people are the ones who uphold family values and maintain their cultural traditions.

Mrs. Linda Yang Chang, a minister from the I-Kuan Tao spiritual group, spoke about the Chinese concept of ‘The Great Harmony,’ which begins by achieving harmony within yourself and cultivating harmony within your family, which is the cornerstone for a peaceful world.

Prof. Thomas Hwang, International Adviser for CPFWP, congratulated the group on its inauguration in the United States, and pointed out that Chinese culture, based on family values, can provide a model for all societies in which family breakdown is a problem. 

Delegations from different parts of the world shared their experiences in establishing the CPFWP in their locales. Leaders from Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur talked about the events and activities held in their respective communities. 
Key examples were a filial piety writing contest among students in Hong Kong, and a coalition of religious groups in Taiwan working to protect the traditional family.

Master Samantha Chou hands over a donation envolope to
President of CPFWP-USA, Amy Yang

Purple Lotus Temple (紫蓮寺) make a generous donation for CPFWP-USA

After a joyful and noisy drum ceremony to declare the establishment of CPFWP-USA, everyone enjoyed a banquet consisting of numerous Chinese dishes. All guests selected words of fortune from a jar prepared by the organizers, which made for lively conversation at each table. Everyone appreciated the family atmosphere, and many people remained long after the event was scheduled to conclude. Some participants even made spontaneous and generous donations to support the future work of the CPFWP-USA.