Past Events

An Ancient Chinese cultural practice

Traditional Chinese Mind and Body Exercises: Qigong by Master Zen Won

CPFWP-Taiwan and UPF-Taiwan organizing a Qi Gong session open to all members to experience healing energy through breathing in Taipei.

Is an honored to invite Master Zen Won who is the board of directors of CPFWP-Taiwan, to give a qigong healing session. He recently received international awards for the documentary Qi Gong. He is currently the president of the Universal Energy Body and Mind Association.

New Launch of CPFWP Branch

In the Year 2021, CPFWP – USA had newly launched two branches in California & Colorado.  People are excited to look forward to more activities in the USA.

Filial Piety Event

Check out the 15th International Filial Piety Event & Award Ceremony happening in Hong Kong through online streaming worldwide!

International Webinar & Celebrations

Being part of UPF’s Northeast Asia Peace Initiative, CPFWP was invited to speak for the peaceful reunification of Korean Peninsula.

World Chinese Assembly

On the 27th of November 2021, CPFWP-Malaysia organized the second World Chinese Assembly online event connecting more than 27 countries.

Affiliation Activities

CPFWP has affiliations with several organizations or NGOs with similar visions and missions to reach out to more people.