Launching the Chinese culture promotion project in Taipei

On April 21, 2018, the inaugural ceremony of CPFWP Taiwan was held at the National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Auditorium Hall. President of the Control Yuan Mrs. Chang Po-ya and National Policy Advisor to the President Prof. Dr. Chu Wuhsien were among the honored guests, as well as leaders representing the Buddhist, Christian and Yiguantao religions. Over 300 participants took part, including representatives from the Chinese Diaspora in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

I-Kuan Tao Performance Group
Youth performing dance and sign language with the song title “The Great Together (禮運大同篇)”

Dancers from the I-Kuan Tao (一貫道) community presented a graceful Chinese dance, and the Filial Heart Musical Group performed an uplifting song written especially for the occasion, the Song of Chinese Co-Prosperity. Everyone was deeply moved by these heartfelt performances.

Representative speakers gave their congratulatory remarks on the timely creation of this organization, which stands for traditional family values and social harmony at a time when many families and societies are unraveling. 

Rev. Lee Ker-shung remarked that the twenty-first century is often called the Chinese century, and therefore Chinese people should be frontrunners in shaping a new era. He called on the Chinese Diaspora to use their collective wisdom to bring about peace and harmony in their societies and in the world.

As part of the event, an election was held to choose the board members for the new organization. Dr. Chang King-yuh, former Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan was selected as Chairman of CPFWP-Taiwan. Former Lieutenant General Fuh Wei-ku was elected Vice-Chairman, along with Mr. Chang Kueih Hsien and Rev. Lee Ker-Shung. A total of 26 committee members were chosen.

The new board members gathered on stage and placed their hands on a giant globe to represent their determination to revive traditional Chinese culture and values and help spread them around the world.

1st Board of Directors of CPFWP-Taiwan
There are a total of 26 members of the council were elected