Traditional Chinese Mind and Body Exercises: Qi Gong by Master Zen Won

Qigong(氣功) can be found back more than 4000 years ago, practiced by ancient Chinese People which has a variety of forms for a healthy body and cultivate one’s moral character. In tradition, qigong was taught by master to students, with roots in Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy, which involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow movement, a peaceful mind and heart, and visualized qi(氣: translated as “intrinsic life energy”) flowing through the body. 

An old woman shows the aching part caused by injury

Universal Peace Federation for World Peace – Taiwan (UPF) and CPFWP-Taiwan invited Professional Qigong Master Zen Won for a short session of around 2 hours for qigong healing session. Master Zen Won not only teaches his student qigong but also helps to heal patients using qi(氣). Around 20 people attended and have a good experience. There’s a woman who had a minor injury on her shoulder, and she can’t lift her arm. After Master Zen Won used qi to heal her on the spot, surprisingly, her arm was able to lift a bit higher than before. 

Another patient, who have back pain all the time, Master Zen Won also heal using qi, and he feels immediate recovery and surprise all the participants. Master Zen Won shared his experience on healing covid-19 patients and also other testimonies. In his recent qigong documentary, his short documentary film was spread to the many countries and had won many international awards.