Vision & Mission


Core Values

Ever since the launch of the Chinese culture world promotion project, we strive to expand the five core values as below:



We Chinese are a unique people, the inheritors of a highly cultivated cultural legacy that has sustained us for five millennia. Rooted in the deep, contemplative thought of such sages as Lao-tzu, Confucius and Mencius, Chinese traditional culture has advocated nobility of character, the sanctity of the family, and honor and dignity in human relationships.

Nowadays, we live in an era where liberal Western thought has come to dominate the cultural, social and political spheres in most advanced countries. While this has brought some positive development in materialistic terms, in recent years we see a troubling cultural and moral decline in these societies. The denial of a universal moral order has brought about a general degradation of the human spirit, disintegration of the family, and demoralization of society. 

As an antidote, we seek to resurrect and renew the high-minded standards of thought and conduct that our Chinese ancestors mandated. While times have changed, we believe that these standards reflect universal truths, based on reverence for Heaven, respect for the Earth and regard for all humanity. The purpose of the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace is the worldwide promotion of universal values, rooted in Heavenly principles, that uplift the mind, heart and spirit and can lead to the betterment of human personal, social and political life. We also seek to interpret and apply these values to reveal their relevance in our times.

At the same time, we have witnessed and participated in the rising importance of Chinese, in world affairs, and the growing necessity of sincere communication between East and West to ensure that peace and harmony prevail. Again, we seek to apply traditional wisdom and a rational approach to the broader challenges of our times in the field of international affairs. Scattered as we are, all across the globe, we have a unique capacity to influence the communities and nations in which we reside. We thus seek to promote our moral and practical perspective, for the sake of world peace and harmony, in all of these communities and nations.